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Fashionable Activity Trackers Never Looked so Good: Introducing Swarovski’s Activity Tracker Jewelry

Swarovski Activity Tracker bracelet.

Swarovski Activity Tracker bracelet.

With so much talk about the Smart Watch, and about activity alerts — we have all become obsessed with tracking out steps, counting our calories and getting more sleep. However, there is nothing in this world that says we can’t look good while working out or getting active. Swarovski concurs.

As such the brand has unveiled an attractive  Activity Tracking Jewelry line – to add a touch of glamour to the wearable technology world.  The collection – hitting stores this month – combines fashion and function thanks to a partnership between Swarovski and California-based technology company, Misfit.  At a glance, the bracelet and pendant pieces in the line look to be just jewelry. However, each features a large faceted center crystal that is actually embedded with the expert tracking technology.

5156989The jewelry synchronizes wirelessly with an app on the wearer’s smartphone. With a simple tap, the Swarovski activity tracker lights up to indicate not only the time but also the status of activity accomplished for the day. In addition to the pendants and bracelets that can accompany women from day to night, there is also a watchband and a sport band with 50 meters of water resistance perfect for any athlete. Swarovski also promises that soon enough,  along with Misfit, it will bring another cutting-edge innovation to the collection soon: a tracker that will not require charging.

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