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Actress Susan Sarandon Talks About Time

IWC 'INSIDE THE WAVE' GALA EVENTEarlier this year, thanks to our friends at IWC, we had the opportunity to meet with actress and political and charitable activist Susan Sarandon. As a result of that interview, our founder, Robertaa Naas, wrote an in-depth article for Gotham Magazine. Now, we bring you some excerpts of that article about how time factors in to Sarandon’s life.

How does time play a role in your life?

“I think time is arbitrary and we have to make our own time. If you see the great athletes when they are in the zone- they make time count, they are in the moment. It would be great if, as ordinary people, we could do the same thing as an athlete does, be really in the zone, present and make time our own like that.

Does time get away from you when you are working?

“When I’m in a film, I need to not be aware do time. When you are making films, you are doing the same thing over and over again, so your sense of reality is complete warped. You can be doings something all day long that will actually only be a minute and a half in a film, so you suspend time when you are making a film.”

Do you remember the exact moment you knew you wanted to be an actress?

“No, I didn’t know I was going to be an actress. I never studied acting and I never wanted to be an actor, I just kind of fell into it. That’s probably what made it easier for me, because I didn’t take it that seriously. But then, after I did it for awhile and paid off all my school debts, I thought, ‘Well, I guess this is what I do.’ I find acting curious and amusing. You get to travel; you get to know people at their very best and at their very worst. “

How do you make time for your charitable causes?

“I feel like I never have enough time for charity and causes, so I have to triage. I think in terms of how I can do the most good. If there is an emergency that is time sensitive, and I can help by being a little flashlight and making a difference so people get the information they need, then I get involved. It is very rewarding. That’s what I like about IWC, they are active in conservation efforts, like supporting the Darwin Foundation and that is important to me.”

During the interview, Sarandon wore a Portuguieser Watch, but since then IWC unveiled the Portofino Midsize.

During the interview, Sarandon wore a Portuguieser Watch, but since then IWC unveiled the Portofino Midsize.

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