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Valentine’s Day: Paul Forrest’s Heart’s Passion Will Steal Her Heart

Valentine’s Day: Paul Forrest’s Heart’s Passion Will Steal Her Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day and heart motifs abound on this day of love. Paul Forrest Jewelry, however, has taken the heart motif to all new levels in his Heart’s Passion jewelry, with a beating heart motif. The Paul Forrest Heart’s Passion collection of jewelry features a patented “Magnificent Motion” complication that enables the small heart motif to actually beat in an open-and-close motion. Our friends over at ATimelyPerspective have extensively covered the Paul Forrest brand, whose jewelry is just hitting the markets now.

Emmy Award-Winning Actress Debra Messing to Be Honored at Gem Awards

Known for her great style and love of jewelry, Debra Messing has been selected to receive the 2018 GEM Award for Jewelry Style at the 16th annual GEM Awards on January 19, 2018. The Jewelers of America (JA)and the GEM Awards Committee have chosen to honor actress Debra Messing for her personal style that inspires and encourages people to wear fine jewelry.

5 Top Fashion Designer Watches For Under $300 That Ladies Need Now

While we are all about luxury, we know that today’s millennials an up-and-comer shoppers don’t have tens of thousands to plunk down on a watch — yet. But they do have fashion sense and style icons and it is never a bad idea to think about wearing a watch to accessorize your wardrobe. That said, ladies, we bring you five top affordable (under $300) watches that most likely will have you swiping your card.

Introducing the Versace Palazzo Empire Watch: In Stores Now

Women, if you are looking for feminine and exquisite with great European flair, the newest Versace Palazzo Empire watches with Versace icon are bound to satisfy the thirst. Part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 Catwalk, the watches features three-dimensional Medusa heads (the brand’s icon) on the center of the dial — seemingly floating about the dial and positioned between two crystals.